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J ... is for Jazz

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The Jazz June They Love Those Who Make the Music
Don't ask where the Jazz is. It is a cruel, cruel trick when bands decide to name themselves against the genre of their music. Funny because it is true. The Jazz June does trick you a little with a 20 second jazz drum intro that quickly fades away, like your hunger after a super-sized Big Mac. The Jazz June really has the build up and release mechanism mastered in almost all of the songs on this CD. There should be a little "Place air-guitar-jump here" guide to most tracks. Justin Max's power drums drive, at a very high speed. Damn, Justin, Damn. Don't plan on listening to this CD without headphones, while singing along at the top of your lungs. The songs on this album could be taken seriously, if you wanted to. Or, as I previously suggested, you could just nod your head and pretend to be the rock star you know you could. This CD is full of well-produced straight guitar-driven melodies and hard sounding drums that are knit together with great vocal melodies. This CD is actually a reissue from 1997, and all I want to know is why I didn't hear it before. I have four words for this album: This Band Can Rock. Initial Records JR

The Jazz June The Boom, The Motion, and The Music Initial Records Reissue
Amazing indie emo! Bears an uncanny resemblance to Piebald's "When Life Hands You Lemons" without the whiney vocals. Six triumphant tracks of driving rock sound. The June has an obvious influence on nearly every new emo/indie band possibly as well as Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World. This is a gnarly reissue with really cool packaging. From soothing melodies to soaring riffs. This is a must have for fans of Piebald, Cap N Jazz. "Bullets in the Backpocket" could easily be mistaken for a Piebald song, which is good, because Piebald is a damn good band. Awesome and dynamic. Good call by Initial to reissue this classic. Initial Records CR

Jemo is a solo project by Toronto coffeehouse performer and studio musician Jeff Dantowitz in an attempt to capture the combination of his poetry and music. Jemo used to play in death-metal bands and even jazz groups, whatever he could do just so he could "play." Then Jemo began to play his own material and found that ever so satisfying, so he decided to name himself and release a CD. How he decided on the multi-dimensional moniker Jemo is something I'll let the mystics ruminate over. As for Jemo's music, the disc certainly shows off Jemo's musical versatility -- he plays everything on it -- but it sounds like an experiment by someone who thought they could write their own Pearl Jam record all by their lonesome. Well, you did it, Jemo, you did it. I leave you with a quote from a member of Sepultura I got from Jemo's website -- apparently two Seps caught a Jemo set whilst in Canada. "I myself prefer natural breasts. My own wife has thought about having implants, but I must say I don't encourage it. I like to touch and squeeze her just the way she is." Ah, romance. RG

Jester X
This is just silly, malformed garage funk rock that should have died with the other Infectious Grooves rip-offs back in the mid '90s. Amusing frat boys who smoke weed and can play a note or two does NOT a band make. Luckily there were only three songs to get through. My buddies and I giggled and made fun of this the whole time. Forget this band. Next! MW

Jesuseater Self-Titled EP
Four songs of mid-tempo, cuss-filled hardcore rock and roll. Jesuseater have that New York hardcore chunk sound, similar to Burn or Rest in Pieces, but also give off the scent of DC emo-rock bands like Swiz and Sweetbelly Freakdown, which makes a lot of sense since this features ex-Sweetbelly/Swiz vocalist Shawn Brown. The lyrics are despicably bad, consisting of the cheesiest combo of tired cliches and shameful posturing. The future ain't too bright for Jesuseater, at least not in my listening domain. Deathwish Inc. JS

Jett Brando Jagged Junktion
I totally got into this band man. No foolin'. Way fun in a thick gravy amplification kind of way. Actually, Jett Brando is one guy, Jeremy Winter, and he delivers the goods like that stoned pizza man at 2am. What I dug most about this album and this guy is his/its no fear approach to just making music and screw all with expectancies or even formats. Jagged Junktion goes all over the place and it makes perfect sense in the end. The first time I laid ears on this beast, I wasn't too sure what was going on or how I could even tell the splintered tale of this extricating release. But then after a song or two later, I understood. Then I popped it in for a second and third time and, whammo!, the prevalent rock-em sock-em joy came forth and cheers and beers to you Jeremy ... or Jett ... or whatever. Don't matter. If you are a fan of moody rock gone beach front condo then I highly suggest checking this guy and this gift out. If not you're all tense and hate the fact that cool people make cool music sometime. But I don't think you're like that. Are you? Go-Kart Records MW

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers Dead or Alive DVD
There are a lot of films made about bands on the road, but truly the best one is Satisfaction. An all female band decides to put their rock to the test by hitting the road and playing at a club by the beach. What do they find? Romance? Adventure? Themselves? Man, all three! Plus the cast is great. They may not be that well known, but just you wait. That Justine Bateman's gonna be a big star, I guarantee you. Cherry Red Records RG

The Jocks The Top Three Answers On the Board
Ka ka market. That is where this band took their band pictures. A chinese restaurant to some a very comical joke to high schoolers. Atleast they look like high schoolers on the back of the cd but I think this band tranforms (the cd does have a robot on it) into mid-twenty year old punk rockers on the cover shots. I am confused maybe it's a transformer robot theme graphically carried threw in design. You can tell this is a straight-forward punk release by the cd design. I think everyone can tell what the bands sounds like by the design. Decent punk in that melodic punk kinda way similar to the Broadways. Good but not great drumming and guitar playing with the your typical vocals and non-existant bass player which is always result from the better desired recording that was never achieved. No lyrics so I have no comment. A quote from Cometbus which I can respect but also could be seen as trendy and credible. Yahoo for any band that has members that are in high school but you can still tell the need some direction. New Disorder Records AH

The Judas Factor Kiss Suicide
The lyrics have a real straight forwardness to them, they basically boil down to someone questioning life and power and why they want the former and don't deserve the latter. There is a lot going on here with strong guitars and drums with scratchy, screamy vocals and a good dose of extra distortion. Good song writing structures which make their songs have variety. Similar at points to Dead Guy. Recommended purchase. Revelation Records MH/AH

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