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Ides of Space There Are No New Clouds
Good name for this band. They have a good, clean, produced recording and an in depth use of instruments for their polyphonic sound. In the press release the band was asking sarcastically to be "pigeonholed" well here goes ... Take the softer side of Smashing Pumpkins mixed with the Breeders and you will have Ideas of Space. The vocals are a complete rip off of Billy Corgan with half the talent. The music lacks any contrast from song to song. It's cohesive but all the songs blend together offering no memorable moments. "Switchboard" offers the most potential showing of the bands range and dynamics but one song does not make an album. Better Looking Records AH

I Hate You Discography 1995/1998
What I Hate You lacked in dexterity, they more than made up for in rage and bile. Many remember them as the band that destroyed the cliches of what a straight-edge, hardcore band could be in the late '90s. Now, their recorded output is collected here (all 41 songs of it) from their legit releases, demos, live recordings, and final unreleased recording session. Yes, it's a lot of filler, no doubt, especially since most of their songs don't last more than 60 seconds. I Hate You also employ a special guest star appearing repeatedly on every song -– yes, our old friend, the word "fuck"! Turf the demos, live songs, filler, joke songs and repeated tracks and this would have been a keeper for anyone into sarcastic hardcore. As it stands, Discography 1995/1998 is only tolerable in its entirety to longtime fans of the band and collector nerds. Deathwish Inc. JS

Imaginary Bill Self-Titled
I used to skate with my next door neighbor. He was Japanese, and spoke little English. We didn't need to talk much though, because our language was skating. I'd go next door, and we'd try out tricks all day -- me with my cheap skateboard banging into everything. I never realized that something that looked so innocent and fun could carry such possibility for pain. One day I was trying an ollie in the driveway and slipped on my landing, smashing my forehead directly into the pavement. A huge purple lump amassed outside my skull. At that moment, I knew I was human and that things in this world were going to try to hurt me. Sportin & Company Records RG

In Dying Days Life as a Balancing Act
Rocking hardcore with awesome riffs and chillin' melodies. Tracks laced with the unquenchable fury of raw guitars, vocals and technical machine gun blast beats make this a breath of fresh air. Reminds me of late '90s hardcore such as Morning Again, Harvest, Kiss It Goodbye, or Indecision. Some of the guitar riffage is akin to Maiden! "The Day I Played the Dating Game" is a phat song name and a great technical cut. This album takes off like a bullet piercing your ears with a zero gauge. One Day Savior CR

In My Eyes Nothing to Hide
Classic old-school hardcore sound. If you miss bands like Chain of Strength, this is definitely up your alley. I imagine these guys would be fun live, but on CD it becomes quite monotonous. A regurgitated sound that some people are devoted to but we feel just keeps coming out to sell records for the big boys. Our advice ... buy Youth of Today or Chain of Strength instead. An overall alright release and nice use of metallic ink in the packaging. Revelation Records MH/AH

Insurrection Self-Titled 7"
When I dropped the needle on this EP by Baton Rouge, La.'s now-defunct Insurrection, a horribly muddy sound quality rose to meet me. Upon closer inspection, I realized that I was in fact listening to the live side of the record. "No problem," I thought, "Maybe the studio side is better." After flipping the record over, I discovered that the studio side of the record sounded just about as bad as (if not worse than) the live side. When I cranked my speakers up, I was sort of able to discern that Insurrection was some sort of crusty peace-punk band who really wanted to be Aus-Rotten. They had a slowed down, minimalist sound derived from bands like Crass and boring, unoriginal political lyrics. Like Aus-Rotten, who have a song titled, "Tuesday May 18th, 1993," Insurrection has a song titled "July 28th, 1997." If that's not a blatant rip-off, then I don't know what is. The artwork on the record's sleeve also looks like it was lifted from some sort of clipart program, but at least the band didn't steal that from Aus-Rotten. In short, Insurrection's 7" is impossible to listen to due to terrible sound quality, unoriginal, and ugly to boot. Autonomy-Resistance-Equality Records BD

Isis The Red Sea
Boston's Isis are beyond a doubt one of the most extreme bands out there right now. Inspired by bands like Neurosis, The Melvins, and Black Sabbath -- of course -- this unmerry band of riff ravagers, including one of the best drummers in sludge rock, has created a sound unlike anything heard before. "The Red Sea" is their second EP, and it compiles three songs recorded in 1999, and another four-song demo done in 1998. The two separate sessions do create a sound inconsistency on this CD, but both sessions are amazing, especially the three newer songs which punish and pummel the listener beyond the threshold of ear tolerance. A deep rumbling of sludge and unholy groove chugs this band along, maintaining a pain and pleasure auditory S&M. Scary and intense, Isis is definitely the band for the dominance dungeons. Second Nature Recordings JS

The (International) Noise Conspiracy The First Conspiracy
The First Conspiracy is a re-release of the debut release from the world's best dressed anarchists and clever musical thieves; this band often admits to nicking all of their ideas from the history of rock. With the recent release of their second Epitaph full-length, A New Morning, Changing Weather, G7 picked the best possible time to introduce The First Conspiracy to the now eager buying public. For those waking up from indie rock hibernation, The (International) Noise Conspiracy are a stripped down Swedish garage rock group led by Dennis Lyxzen, infamous for exposing politics to the Epitaph crowd in his previous band, The Refused. The material on The First Conspiracy doesn't have the production values or the songwriting prowess of newer material, though, and this is strictly for Noise Conspiracy enthusiasts. Also, an embarrassing nod to The Make-Up rears its head more than once and crashes an otherwise rockin' party. G7 Welcoming Committee JS 1.18.2002

The (International) Noise Conspiracy Capitalism Stole My Virginity
OK, lookout! Hold back my friend. Wh ... what have we got here? Oh. Oh no! Three, that's 3, songs! Argh! What to do, what to do? I'm not sure. But, I guess I have to say something here, right? Yes. OK then, here goes. Ahem. Right ... The (International) Noise Conspiracy has gained quite a following for their brand of Fall-style alterno-rock which blazes through territory we are oh so familiar with but deviates from the accepted norm with a tongue and cheeky approach knowing darn well that their band is slightly better than your band. It's true. Because of this notion, they have landed themselves on the grand label Epitaph and have remained there amongst the other indie giants for quire a spell. For this EP though (as so many other groups do, thank you do much for supporting the up and coming label!) they went to G7 and have a trio of decent tunes to let you know that, yes, they are still around and still hard at work to make the globe a bit more pleasant by constructing songs that equal convex and pop. I like these guys (and gal) from Sweden, really. Mind you, I am a metal maniac, but that doesn't stop me from loving all types of strong-willed and well put together music. TINC is one of those bands that stick to my ribs long after I exit a show or turn off the stereo. So if you know the Conspiracy, then this should be in your collection. If not, then pick this up for a cheap-o price and see what you think. Either way, you win! G7 Welcoming Committee MW 1.18.2002

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