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G ... is for Grind

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Various Artists

Gameface / Errortype 11 What's up Bro?
These bands are big and chances are you know what they sound like. Both bands sound like they should be on the radio ... from us, this is not a compliment. Gameface equals Goo Goo Dolls. ET:11, well the recording is terrible. They have nothing original to offer, and we have nothing original to say. Revelation Records MH/AH

The Gamits Come Get Some
I'll bet The Gamits' boys are a lot of fun to be around. You can just tell by their fast-paced quick rock that they enjoy a good pizza now and then, puppet shows, and driving fast on a school night chock full of glue and wearing wrestling masks. If not ... they put up a good illusion. The Gamits on a whole are fun-filled punkish rock with a fairly light-hearted attitude that we all can enjoy if we were squirrels living under power lines. Otherwise being a teenager sucks and being an adult kind of sucks too. First zits and school, then bills and jobs. If you had The Gamits' attitude toward life there would be this vast pudding in the center of the road to which we would all stop the dune buggy and dive right in. No worries, no shit, and no trousers. Plus their cover of the Beatles' "There's a Place" is pretty cool. Other than that ...what else can I say? I don't know. You've heard this before. Not Bad Records MW 4.15.2003

The Gamits A Small Price to Pay
The press with this CD says these guys used to play metal. I think they should go back to their hesher ways. At first listen I thought this was a alright CD, but then I started to really listen to it. The music is driving pop punk ala Greenday/Weezer mixed with a really overproduced sound which makes this so sugar coated that it ruins what edge this band may have. Vocals are not bad but lack that certain something to really make them stand out from millions of others. Nothing really outstanding on the instrument end either. The lyrics are the usual "means a lot to the artist but not to the listener" type. This CD came with a lot of hype about how this band is "America's Top Pop Combo." I guess this just does not appeal to me because its been done about 3 billion times. My suggestion is to mix some metal in for a unique sound. Suburban Home AH

Garrison A Mile in Cold Water
Emo rock, DC-style. Varying vocals, interesting guitars, driving drums. There is also no song formula to be discovered here. Not as inspiring or moving as Seven Storey Mountain, but good all the same. We are definitely keeping this for our collection. Revelation Records MH/AH

Garrison Be a Criminal
The lyrical theme of crime runs through Be a Criminal, only adding to the focus and cohesiveness of one of the best rock records in a while. First impressions are not to be trusted, especially in the case of Boston's Garrison, who have an uncanny ability to write songs that invade the psyche upon repeated listens. The production by J. Robbins is fitting, since tunes like "Recognize an Opportunity," "Cover the Tracks with Cash," and "Commit, Commit, Commit" have a definite late Jawbox feel about them. Robbins thankfully does not encourage the likeness for the entirety of Be a Criminal, instead opting to nurture Garrison's sparkling originality and keen sense of themselves. The ten songs on this album range from fast, driving pop with glistening hooks, to somber, dream-like ballads. The anthem also plays an important part in Garrison's sound, as songs like "Dump the Body" get the fist pumping and the head bobbing. No song here matches the stand-alone brilliance of "New Habits for Old Friends," from their split with Hundred Reasons on Simba Records, but Be a Criminal impresses and gleans as a wonderful whole. Revelation Records JS

This is what Poison The Well would sound like if they were from Southern California in the early '90s and were signed to Epitaph in their heyday. The production reeks of Donnel Cameron (who did Bad Religion from Suffer to Generator, NOFX, Pennywise, etc.), yet the metal parts are really good. In fact, the metal parts are so cool, it just pisses me off when they start breaking into recycled pop-punk garbage. With more direction, this band could be excellent. I could see this really growing on me. I'd be willing to bet that they'd be good live, but this record is just way too slick. As it is, they are one of many who will follow in the footsteps of PTW, Shai Hulud, Morning Again, Culture, etc. Fearless Records AH

The Goblins Missing Fits
There's a band in the Bay Area called SuperDiamond and all they play are Neil Diamond songs. I used to follow Herb, who played only Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. I like cover bands who make a commitment. At one Herb show outside Candlestick, the headliner was a cover band called the Cheeseballs who played covers of the B-52's and other crap of that ilk. What bullshit. Bands like that ought to be in high school auditoriums, not in front of a paying crowd. It almost killed my heavy King Cobra buzz. My dream cover band is called the Michael McDonald experience, and we will blow the roof off with our renditions of the bearded soulster. The only song we won't play is "Playin' by the Rules" which, let's face it Michael McDonald fans, isn't very good. My Pal God Records RG 1.18.2002

Godspeed You! Black Emperor Yanqui U.X.O.
When it comes down to it, there's just not enough time in the day for bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Sure, for arts students who like to chain smoke and stare at the wall all day, maybe there's time for a three-song, 75-minute record comprised solely of methodical, somber instrumental soundscapes, but for everyone else this gets more than a little tedious. Beautiful as the sounds created this Montreal nine-piece are, and as affecting as the slowly uprising climaxes of their songs can be, Yanqui U.X.O. requires a massive investment of time and hefty sprinklings of benefit of the doubt. This is the CD to hold onto for that never ending bus or train trip, or for the next time you slip into a coma and need a soundtrack. Constellation Records JS 7.2003

Sharon Goodling Wait
I think just about every suburban kid has a park to call home. Mine was a community park shared by the junior high. It had a pool, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, and a rec center that put on Haunted Houses every year. There was even a canyon. My park had it all. It really helped pass the time growing up. If there was nothing to
do, you could hang out in the park. I remember us driving a packed Geo on the wet grass one night, running naked through the sprinklers another. Finding out ways to amuse yourself is an important distraction. In fact, it's a lifestyle choice when done right. Luckily, there are tools to help us. Some are just better than others. Bailey Records RG 1.18.2002

Grade Headfirst Straight to Hell
So much has been made of Grade's return to the heavier sounds, I was expecting this new record to be cheesy, over the top metalcore. Instead, we have a needlepoint focused, yet entirely Grade-like collection of rock songs. Sure, lead screamer Kyle Bishop and the dual guitar attack add dense layers of distortion and spine chills, but the 15 songs represented here don't stray too far from the indie-rock tuneage we've come to associate with Grade. On the downside, the metal motif is a bumbling stretch; the cover art looks like a bad black metal or grindcore CD, but the songs are more like Jimmy Eat World or Get Up Kids with a few Maiden riffs thrown in here and there. Maybe the metal thing's all a big joke for them, but it really detracts from some kick-ass and otherwise serious songs. Victory Records JS

Greg MacPherson Band Good Times Coming Back Again
G7 has had such deserved success due to releases by The Weakerthans, it was only a matter of time before the Winnipeg label released another classic folk punk band. The Greg MacPherson Band is that band. Don't get too excited, but this is actually better than The Weakerthans -- a more well-rounded listen with complete songs that rock out when needed, but also know when to downshift without meandering and hit home during the right moments. Also, MacPherson's husky voice is far superior to the love 'em or hate 'em whine of The Weakerthans' John K. Sampson. MacPherson has been a noted Winnipeg musician for some years, and has played with many of the scene's veterans. On Good Times Coming Back Again, he employs the talents of many familiar Winnipeg names. Among others, almost all of The Weakerthans make an appearance, but it is MacPherson's smoky, homey voice that hammers this album home. Comparisons to Bruce Springsteen are inevitable, even based solely on the singing style, but he surely won't mind them. G7 Welcoming Committee JS

The Grinders Somewhere Between Ape and Man
I propose a new faction of music be opened. The term "Nyah Nyah Rock" should be awarded to bands such as The Grinders. It is that edgy hard-pop approach to being snotty and dorky enough to start a great band and get laid a lot because of it. It is almost glam, almost trash, and somewhere between Romper Room and Night Flight. These four guys from Rochester, NY do it to ya straight ahead and with a jangle in their pocket. They landed themselves on a very appropriate label, Garage Pop, because that, in effect, is what we got here. Although there is a good amount of glitz to propel it just one notch or two beyond ... and into the realm of Nyah Nyah Rock! Ha ha. C'mon, work with me here. That brand could really make it. I mean, just give a listen to guitarist/singer Todd Dentico's voice. It's that nasal resonance with the tongue sticking out for each "Yeah" that deserves to be called something slightly infantile. Garage Pop Records MW

Grill Body 5 Self-Released demo
Here's a four piece doing East coast indie-rock/pop-punk (an oxymoron, in my opinion) in the vein of Weezer with a dash of ska thrown in for good measure. They lack the pretenses of being "rockers" -- instead they focus on having a good time. They are the musical equivalent of a glass of lemonade made too sweet, some people really like it, but it gives the rest of us a toothache. I am sure that the kids in Cumberland, MD love them. If you miss the Lookout sound circa '91, check these guys out. MW

Left Behind EP
I see a thrusting dawn over the cavalcade of tract houses. The steely red dawn looms as the morning papers are delivered coffee sputters on, alarm clocks beep and buzz, and the whole world continues to spin in the rampaging sterility of the obvious nature of the everyday. Somewhere deep within the confines of the suburban cage lies one little heart pounding louder than (what they think) anyone else's. The pale moon, the firefly stars, and the rest of the unknown lay sprawling before this lonely only child left all by themselves in a darkened room with no one to care for or notice. Do you, brave pillar of seething emotion, feel left behind? Do you cringe when the line forms long and twisted on Taco Tuesdays down in the cafeteria? Is everybody else doing something so cool you know you will never be a part of? When they handed out souls, did you get the lions share? But when they handed out looks, confidence, luck, charisma, and clear skin, did you get the scraped bowl's worth? As you write your bad poetry, don black clothes, and skulk in the halls and books by Schopenhauer, do you realize that, yes indeed, you have been left behind? Oh the mortification! Oh great futile life, why have thou scorned me! Woe, but woe is shrouded over my sad form, as I lock the door, take thy rip off the bong and play my new EP. So behind. So, utterly, utterly ... far behind. W Recordings MW 1.18.2002

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