If Manson, Why Not Hale?

A day-long, racist killing spree left three dead and more wounded several years ago. But though the case has been closed many wonder if the true culprit is Matt Hale and his World Church of the Creator.

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by Greg Bailey


It was still light out as the Sabbath service ended and the Orthodox members of the synagogue filed out into the streets of Roger's Park. There were no safer streets in the Chicago area, few places more tolerant and open. In the early evening light the driver in the blue Taurus could still see the men with their distinctive black coats, beards and forelocks. Underneath his shirt was a tattoo in gothic letters seemingly hanging like a banner from his collarbone. The tattoo said "Sabbath Breaker."

Destroy and banish all Jewish influence from society. Do your part to bring about a White world as soon as possible.

The driver exited the car and calmly approached a group on the sidewalk. Without a word he raised two handguns, a .38O caliber and and .22 caliber, and opened fire. As the victims hit the ground he walked back to the car and drove around the corner. He stopped and shot at two men through the car window, then drove on stopping and shooting three more times. Six Jews lay on the ground of Roger's Park, wounded but not killed.

Decide in early youth that during your lifetime you will make at least one major contribution to the White Race.

Was the driver unsatisfied? Did he realise that he had not yet killed anyone? He drove straight for Skokie, a largely Jewish community with many Holocaust survivors best known for the conflict set off by the Nazi march through town in a year before the driver was born. He was there is less than 15 minutes.

On the streets of Skokie, Ricky Byrdsong was walking with two of his children near his home. Did the driver, spotting Byrdsong, recognise him? Did he remember that Ricky Byrdsong was fired as the head basketball coach at Northwest University two years ago? Or was he just a black man in a Jewish suburb? The driver fired at least seven times fatally wounding Byrdsong. He drove on leaving Byrdsong's children screaming over their father's body.

Remember that the inferior mud races are our deadly enemies, and the most dangerous of all is the Jewish race.

The driver headed to Northbrook, an affluent suburb not unlike his hometown of Wilmette. As he moved in traffic an Asian-American couple in a car behind him blew their horn, The driver fired four shots at them but missed.

Within an hour his work for the day, Friday, July 2, 1999, was finished.

With the descriptions of the car and the driver Chicago area authorities began putting together his identity. The driver, by whatever route he took, headed for Springfield whether by night when the dark landscape was dotted by points of light on the horizon or by day when the green and the blue meet in a sharp edge like a ocean streaching over the prarie.

Springfield was familar to him. It was where the supreme leader of his life, Matt Hale of the World Church of the Creator, three days before had again been denied a license to practice law on the grounds that his open racism and anti-Semetism rendered him unfit to be a lawyer. The driver, a member of the so-called church for more than a year, had testified before the Illinois board as a witness for Hale.

As the driver roamed the streets of Springfield Saturday morning his thoughts may have been about Matt Hale. He had moved to Morton, Ill. to be near the world headquarters of the church, a basement in a house of Hale's father in nearby East Peoria. Following the teachings of Matt Hale the driver recited the Five Fundamental Beliefs of Creativity five times a day. Perhaps as he drove past one of the many Lincoln sites in Springfield he recited from memory belief number IV: We believe that what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue and what is bad the White Race is the ultimate sin. The words were Matt Hale's. Hale had taught the driver that there is no God, no heaven, no hell, and that Jesus never existed. The White Race itself was the only religion, the only sacred thing in the universe. To the driver, Hale was the Pontifex Maximus, as Hale's self-styled title proclaimed.

As the driver drove through the history rich city he was in his mind according to the teachings of Matt Hale in the year 25 AC instead of the "Christ-insanity" year of 1999. Hale and the driver marked time from the publication of the book "Nature's Eternal Religion" by Ben Klassen on February 21, 1973 -- year zero, the year of creation. Klassen, the inventor of the electric can opener and a one time state legislator in Florida, is the closest thing to God in a religion that rejects supernatural beings. His books including the "White Man's Bible" are the basis of the church and his birthday is the only holiday.

At approximately 11 am that Saturday the driver shot and wounded a black man crossing a street. A few minutes later he opened fire on two other black men without hitting them.

The guilding principle of all your actions shall be: what is best for the White Race?

The driver apparently started for Decatur, Ill. for in two hours he was in the industrial city that conflicts with the stereotype of the Midwest maintained by many on the East and West coasts. Rev. Stephen P. Anderson of the Faith Temple Pentacostal Church was shot in the hip and arm as the driver passed by.

The sun baked the interstate between Decatur and the twin cities of Champaign-Urbana. The driver had been a student at the University of Illinois 17 months earlier before he was expelled for possesion of drug paraphernalia and for striking his former girlfriend Elizabeth Sahr. She had otained an order of protection against him. That had prevented him from buying firearms earlier in the week from a licensed gun dealer in Peoria, althought he bought his two handguns in an alleged illegal sale from a dealer in Pekin, Ill. The driver had tried to persusde Sahr to reconcile and begin having white children for the cause. He pressed upon her the sacred teaching of Hale's church known as the 14 Words: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

Whether he came looking for her that night, as she has since speculated, cannot be known. International students are common at the university including many Asians. The driver had no trouble finding a group of six Asians on the street when he opened fire, wounding one Taiwanese graduate student in the leg.

Take action now and save this planet. Hale taught his followers including the driver the battle cry of the movement RAHOWA, taken from the first two letters of racial holy war. The driver had uttered the phrase many times. Perhaps he did again as he drove through the night.

On the 4th of July the driver crossed the border leaving the open prairie of Illinois for the wooded hills of southern Indiana. He was again headed for familar suroundings at Indiana University in Bloomington where he was a student. He had lived in a mostly black apartment complex without incident or much notice from fellow students. He did attract attention for distributing racist literature on campus and around town, and for writing letters defending his world view under the pen name August. He had another identity, a driver's license in the name of Erwin Rommel, the German general.

On one of the tree-lined streets of Bloomington the driver found the Korean Methodist Church. As services were letting out he shot Won-Joon Yoon, a 26 year old graduate student from South Korea, hitting him in the back twice, killing him.

It is our immediate objective to relentlessly expand the White Race, and keep shriking our enemies.

Sometime that day the driver must have heard his name on the radio as the police and FBI identified him as Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, a 21 year old from Wilmette, the son of a doctor and a real estate lawyer. His connection with Hale's World Church of the Creator quickly became known and Hale, almost as quickly, disclaimed any knowledge or support of Smith's action.

What Smith did or thought next is unclear. Later that night he and his blue Taurus were spotted at a gas station in Ina, a small town in southern Illinois near the intersection of two interstates. From there he may have gone to St. Louis or Louisville or back to Chicago. Instead he carjacked a van and pursued by sheriff's deputies drove north. Hale had taught Smith and other members that "many police officers are naturally sympathic to our cause. They have to deal with the niggers and mud races on an everyday basis." But not these police hunting a double murderer.

Smith made it to Salem, a town whose only previous fame was as the hometown of William Jennings Bryan. Smith may have thought of his god-substitute Ben Klassen who before he killed himself in 1993 said suicide was "an honorable and dignified way to die." In any event Smith turned the gun on himself shooting himself in the chin. The van crashed and before police could restrain him he shot himself in the chest and leg, dying at the scene.

In three days Smith had killed two people and himself, and wounded nine others. Hale expressed no smypathy for the victims. "As far as we're concerned the only loss was the loss of one white man."

With Smith's death the case is closed. Or is it? Thirty years ago another self-styled leader of a new religion teaching the superiority of the white race, hatred of Jews, Blacks, and other minorities, admiration for Hitler, destruction of the self, and the justification for violence set his followers off on a three day murder spree. Although he never pulled the trigger or weilded the knife he was held responsible for the seven murders committed by his followers. His name was Charles Manson. He escaped the death penalty but will most likely die in prison. If Manson, why not Hale?

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