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One Nation Under the Covers

Sexual politics as power and other ways white males subvert women.

by Melissa Hostetler


I just don’t get it ... I don’t think I ever will. The nation is in a three-ring fiasco and no one cares. It’s really only about sex. Is it? Is sex really ever just about sex? No ... Sex is not simply a physical desire but a coupe for love, self-esteem and, most importantly, power. Sex is not about our most carnal desires but more about who gets it and under what terms.

President Clinton had sex with many more women that his wife and he has lied in a federal court about it. Who doesn’t lie about sex? I don’t really think that is the issue. We’re talking about precedent and the leader of the free world.

If Clinton topped pizzas at Papa John’s he would be fired and possibly sued; if Clinton were a cadet in the Air Force Academy, he would be dishonorabley discharged -- but, since he is the president, the rules of decency, morality, and common sense do not apply.

It was not a surprise that Clinton was not removed from office, but our nation has suffered dramatically. I am not speaking about the chaos and gossip that has filled the political arena of late, but the real issue. The thinking goes that if Clinton does not pose a serious threat to our nation we cannot remove him from office. But half of our nation has and will suffer.

Women who have struggled for so long to gain equal footing with their male counterparts are receiving a kick in the face. This isn’t really so much about Monica Lewinsky as it is about Paula Jones, Hillary Clinton, and possible others whom Clinton has abused and molested. Given, Clinton has had a good record in supporting women’s issues in his term and a half. But is one step forward and three steps backward really progress? I think not.

Hillary is forced to play the good wife and support her husband while Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers are masacred by the media though they are the victims not the attackers. Clinton is powerful and should be made an example of. How else can we justify the rightness of sexual equality or sexual harrassment law? What message are we sending to other nations trying to develop the same? -- that it is OK to fondle and molest women.

The partisan Senate jury of cloned, white males in blue suits and Oxford shirts did not convict or expel Clinton. There really was no doubt about this. That is just as scary –– that a true removal from ofice never really crossed anyone’s mind save Kenneth Starr and a few others. These politicians serve to gain too much through the current standards. Larry Flynt has proven that with his accusations of Republican officials of the same crime –– adultery and sexual harrassment.

It’s not about sex. Sex is never just about sex. It’s about power and how far women have to go to get their hands on it.

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